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One challenge that many companies face in today’s rapidly changing market is the ability to not only keep up with day to day production, but to build and prove out new and exciting ideas. Many times this activity proves to be a bottleneck in getting products to market.

“Complete Solutions” means just that. Let us take your idea from concept to prototype delivery, or anywhere in between. Like with all of our services, success is driven by our ability to work with our clients as if we are an extension of their current team. This means:

  • Concept and design work will be executed in our clients’ chosen software with periodic design reviews to keep everyone in the loop throughout the design process.
  • When building prototype parts, our first choice will be to work with our clients’ existing supply chain. This has multiple benefits:
    • Suppliers have already been vetted and are a known entity when considering quality and delivery.
    • Working with the future production suppliers of the design allows us the ability to design for manufacture right from the start, reducing the chances for down-stream changes.
  • When validating the new designs, we will work with our clients’ team to follow their specific processes, providing things like re-work instructions, test plans, and on-site support to collect data if needed.
  • Most new products must adhere to regulatory standards.  With our experienced compliance engineer, we can be sure to guide our client through the often complicated process of not only understanding the standards, but ensuring that the product is tested for proper certification.  (CE, ISO, DIN, ANSI, EN, RoHS, UL, RED, EU Machinery Directive, etc.)
  • Coordinating between client, parts supplier, and test facilities.

In addition, if our client does not want to burden their suppliers, or if it is a one-time build type project, Matrix Engineering Consultants will rely on the relationships it has in industry to execute the project.

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