New Product Development

The development of a new product can be one of the most exiting, potentially rewarding endeavors a company can take on. It's clear that breakthrough products and solutions can drive a compelling value proposition for customers and can be an engine for growth for companies. It is also clear that new product development can be one of the riskiest endeavors a company can start.

At Matrix Engineering Consultants (MEC), we acknowledge and respect the risks companies take on in developing a new product. We take our responsibility as a partner in the new product development process very serious, always looking for ways to either avoid or mitigate product development risks on your behalf. Fortunately success in new product success is both predictable and controllable when they are developed using a structured product development process.

MEC has developed its own New Product Development process which is aligned with the internationally recognized Stage-Gate™ Process and based on our 50 years of product development experience. This is a cross-functional business process that manages risk & increases the probability of success of your product launch!

MEC has a proven track record in the development of a wide range of products and as a result, developed multiple areas technical expertise.

  • Industry Experience
    • Agricultural
    • Mining
    • Construction
    • Forestry
    • Rail
    • Electric Power Generation
    • Power Sports
    • Turf Care
    • Utility
    • After Market Automotive
  • Advanced Bolted Joint Consultancy
    • Design of Static and Dynamically Loaded Joints*
    • Advanced FEA Modeling
    • VDI 2230 Part 1 & 2
    • Fastener Selection
    • Referrals for bolted joint failure investigations
    *Expertise does not include pressure boundary and structural bolting.
  • Structural Design
    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Welded Structures/Telescopic Booms
    • Casting / Fabrication Optimization
    • Platforms / Walkways / Access Systems
    • Non Pressurized Tanks
  • Hydraulic System Design
    • Schematic and Systems Development
    • Cylinders / Pumps
    • Custom Manifolds
    • Lines Routings / Articulated Interfaces
  • Engine Installations
    • Emission Packaging
    • Isolation Design
    • Cooling System Layout
    • Fuel System Layout
  • Drivetrain Related
    • Parallel Shaft Gear Design
    • Bearing Configuration
    • Housing Design
    • Tolerance Stacks
    • Lubrication Design
    • Belts / Pulleys
    • Chains / Sprockets
    • Bearing Configuration
  • Electrical System Design
    • Low Voltage Machine Electrical Circuits & Schematics
    • Design of High Volume Electrical Harnesses
    • Prototype Harness Manufacturing
  • Electronic Control Systems Integration
    • Systems Engineering, Requirements Development and Component Selection
    • Integration with Electrohydraulic, Electric Power, Mechanical, etc
    • Control Systems Prototyping
    • Custom Circuit Development
    • HMI Prototyping and Design
    • Data Monitoring for Verification, Analytical and IOT Applications
    • Systems Verification and Validation using Unit Testing and SIL/MIL/HIL
    • Field Implementation and Communication Troubleshooting/Diagnostics
    • Embedded Software Development and Integration Tools including;
      • Embedded C, C++ using Visual Studio and Software Development Kits
      • Danfoss Plus+1 and other Proprietary Integrated Development Environments
      • Simulink Model Based Design, Code Generation and Simulation
      • LabVIEW based Development, Verification and Validation
      • Agile and "V" Development Methodologies
    • Protocols and Standards including AUTOSAR, CAN, CCP, LIN, UDS

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