Collaborative Companies

Matrix Engineering Consultants has developed trusted relationships with several respected small companies who have an expertise or testing capability which is complementary to our core skills. We often either collaborate or refer clients to these companies when we encounter technical problems, we do not have the expertise to solve quickly.

Bolt Science

Fastener Testing, Training and Consulting

Bolt Science was founded in 1992 and has become an internationally recognized engineering consulting firm with expertise in theoretical and test investigations on bolt and joint failures, tightening and related problems and issues. Bolt Science has participated in multiple legal investigations, served as expert witness, completed technical consultations, led root cause investigations and collaborated in product development programs with a variety of industrial and consumer applications. Bolt Science has also gained a strong reputation for the developing and delivering customized training courses for engineers and designers who are involved in the design, validation, and assembly of bolted joints.

Peak Innovations Engineering

Bolted Joint Testing, Consulting and Training

Peak Innovations Engineering is an engineering services company specializing in the design, testing and validation of bolted joints. Our experience in product development and manufacturing provides the insight to balance performance, cost and production considerations. The result is solutions suitable for both your product and your factory.

We are experts in the use of the latest bonded micro-sensors for ultrasonic measurement of bolt tension. Bolt preload can be measured dynamically without any modification to the joint. The goal of designing and tightening to tension rather than torque is now a reality.

NNi Training and Consulting Inc.

Fastener Training, Consulting and Expert Witness

NNi Training and Consulting Inc. has been providing training and consulting services to the fastener, manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries since 2012. NNi’s Founder and Principal, Laurence Claus, has over 35 years of manufacturing and application engineering experience and routinely conducts training on subjects related to fastener technology, fastener metallurgy and failure, quality, strategy, and small business management. In addition to training, NNi routinely provides consulting, applications engineering, project management, special projects, and expert witness/consultation services.


Hydraulic System Consulting and Training

An engineering design firm focused on the design, assembly and maintenance of hydraulic systems including mobile PLC programing. Neil Skoog, Principal at ERHCO, has worked in variety of roles during his career including hydraulic components sales, hydraulic system designer, instructor and consultant. Neil is a certified Fluid Power Specialist, Industrial Hydraulic Technician and Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic which makes him well suited to hands-on troubleshooting and practical system design.

Industrial Metallurgists, LLC

Metallurgical Failure Analysis, Consulting & Training

We provide metals engineering expertise to help clients select materials for components, develop manufacturing processes, evaluate suppliers, and determine the root cause of metal problems. Metal problems include component failures and manufacturing quality issues. We also offer metallurgy training that is geared to help design, manufacturing, and quality engineers understand how to leverage metals engineering to design better, lower-cost components and solve metal problems faster.

Matrix Engineering Consultants is seeking to collaborate with other small companies which have an expertise which is complimentary to ours.