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New Product Consulting

Move your product launch forward with new product consulting that prioritizes risk mitigation, functionality, and long-term performance.

Mitigating Risks with Matrix’s Structured Product Development Approach

Developing a new product can come with unforeseen roadblocks. At Matrix, we help you mitigate product development risks as you advance toward product launch with our structured product development process.

A Trustworthy Partner for Engineering Success

For your product development to successfully move toward launch, you need engineering expertise you can trust. At Matrix, our talented team of engineers brings a wide breadth of engineering experience to help you achieve your goals.

Our collaborative method focuses on meeting you right where you are in the process. Whether you want to be heavily involved or give us the reins, our passionate team will customize its approach to your specific needs. Keeping you updated throughout the process, we’ll guide your product development forward with reliable, practical, and effective solutions.

Industry Experience

Our vast technical expertise enables us to serve multiple industries, including Agricultural, Mining, Construction, Forestry, Rail, Utility, Power Sports, and more.

Hydraulic System Design

From schematic development to custom manifolds, we can design any and all parts for an effective, high-performing hydraulic system.

Electronic Control Systems Integration

Whether you need custom circuit development or help with component selection, we can handle any integration needs for your electronic control systems.

Advanced Bolted Joint Consultancy

Ensure your product’s performance with our bolted joint consultancy. We’ll provide input for statically and dynamically loaded joint design, fastener selection, and more.

Drivetrain Related

Secure power transmission in your product with drivetrain-related input, including parallel shaft gear design, bearing configuration, housing design, and more.

Engine Installations

From the layout of your cooling system to emission packaging, we’ll help you design an efficient, cost-effective solution for engine installations.

Electrical System Design

Develop an efficient and well-planned routed system (cables, harnesses, retention, protection) with industry-leading design and analysis tools and years of practical experience for your product.

Our Process

Matrix Engineering has developed a streamlined New Product Development process, aligned with the internationally recognized Stage-Gate™ Process, drawing from our years of product development experience. This cross-functional approach enhances product success and minimizes risk. Let’s dive into the stages:

Program Scoping Build Business Case Development TEST BEDS PROTOTYPE BUILDS IN HOUSE TESTS Testing & Validation CUSTOMER TESTS Product Launch GATE 1 GATE 2 GATE 3 GATE 4

Stage 1 – Program Scoping

In stage 1, we establish the program’s framework with minimal resource commitment. We aim to determine its value and potential continuation. If approved, we will designate a cross-functional team to draft a comprehensive business case. This business case will lay the groundwork for the more resource-intensive stage of development.

Stage 2 – Build Business Case

Stage 2 is about developing a strong business case. Here, project goals and timelines are set, and depending on approval, the program either continues, is canceled, or loops back to stage 1 for refinement.

Stage 3 – Development

Moving to stage 3 centers on product development and establishing processes for production and sales. We will execute the engineering and design blueprint from stage 2. Being resource-intensive, this stage necessitates periodic checkpoints. The goal of stage 3 is to have a complete product design ready for production.

Stage 4 – Testing & Validation

Stage 4 entails final product validation with select users to assess viability. While minor design tweaks might occur here, significant changes could send the project back to stage 3. Once stage 4 is complete, the product is ready for production and sale.

Stage 5 – Product Launch

In this stage, we implement Operations and Marketing plans. We recommend a post-launch review to assess program success and document lessons learned for future projects.

Looking for a collaborative partner?

Whether you’re innovating from the ground up or enhancing an existing product, Matrix Engineering is here to guide you. Our team excels in providing dynamic solutions for new developments, improvements, and complex challenges across various industries.