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Matrix Engineering Consultants delivers consulting and engineering services from our Engineering Center in Eden Prairie, MN and at our client’s own facilities. Our goal is to provide our clients with consistent, quality engineering and consulting services which are aligned to the standards of our clients and of the industry. We strive to seamlessly collaborate with our client to produce timely, high quality, world class engineering solutions.

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Fundamentals of Threaded Fasteners and Joint Design: April 23rd - 25th, 2024 Class Time: 8-4pm CS

The course will provide participants with an in-depth explanation of fastener terminology, technology, and threaded fastener joint design calculations and strategies which will enable the student to design the joint and select the proper threaded fasteners so the system will not fail in service.

Matrix Engineering Consultants can present training on bolted joints at your facility!

The training materials were developed by Bolt Science© specifically for engineers and designers who are designing, installing, and inspecting critical bolted joints with dynamic loading.

Matrix Engineering Consultants is an approved provider of Bolt Science© Training.