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Chuck Milton LinkedIn

Chuck is a Managing Governor for Matrix Engineering Consultants and is an Engineering Manager/Subject Matter Expert (SME) at the Matrix sister company, RFA Engineering. He has over 30 years of experience in design and analysis roles at McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, 3M, Donaldson, Tennant, EDS, Siemens, and Matrix Engineering. Chuck currently leads a team of analysts with responsibilities that include managing workflow and budgets, reviewing and approving reports for all projects, performing complex structural and CFD analyses, and performing structural testing. He is highly skilled with NX/Nastran, ANSYS, Acusolve, Fluent, and Hyperworks software and experienced in a wide range of analysis types, including static structural, transient/dynamic structural, CFD, heat transfer, vibration, modal, PSD, hyper-elastic materials, ballistic shock, fatigue, multi-physics, and advanced bolted joint analysis.