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Laurence Claus

Mr. Claus has over 35 years in the fastener industry. He spent the first 26 years with a fastener manufacturer, becoming an expert in threaded fasteners, especially those in the automotive and aerospace market segments. For the last 10 years, he has served the industry as both trainer and consultant, as the President of his company, NNi Training and Consulting Inc., and as the Industrial Fastener Institute’s Director of Training and Education. Additionally, Mr. Claus is the current Chairman of the SAE Fastener Committee, Vice Chairman of the ASTM Fastener Committee F16, Subcommittee Chairman of ASME B18.6 of the ASME Fastener Committee B18, and Subcommittee Chairman of ASTM F16.91 of ASTM Fastener Committee F16. For this course, Mr. Claus will share his expertise in topics such as the fundamentals of threads, fundamentals of bolts, screws, and nuts, fastener materials, metallurgy, and heat treatment, making sense of the various bolt strength classes, and fastener platings and coatings.