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Industry Collaboration

Thanks to our collaborative partnerships with trusted engineering experts, we’re able to provide you with fast, end-to-end engineering services and solutions.

Committed to Quality Service Through Growing Partnerships

At Matrix, we’re dedicated to efficiently meeting your unique needs while driving your product development forward with quality solutions. Our collaborative relationships with engineering companies give us access to a wide range of engineering expertise, so we can take care of your project from start to finish.

An internationally recognized engineering consulting firm, Bolt Science, provides expertise in bolted joint design, failures, and related issues.

Besides delivering fastener training to various industries, NNi also delivers consulting services for applications engineering, project management of fastener manufacturing, and special projects.

RFA specializes in mechanical, electrical, and embedded software engineering, delivering comprehensive product development solutions. Their expertise covers all facets of machine design, ensuring top-tier engineering services.

This engineering services company specializes in the testing and validation of bolted joints to create quality product and factory solutions.

This engineering design firm focuses on the design, assembly and maintenance of hydraulic systems, plus troubleshooting and practical system design.

With their metals engineering expertise, you’ll get help selecting materials for components, developing manufacturing processes, and diagnosing metal failures.

AKGears is a gear design consulting firm, optimizing gear performance through Direct Gear Design®. They offer high load capacity, extended life, and improved efficiency

Looking for a collaborative partner?

Whether you’re innovating from the ground up or enhancing an existing product, Matrix Engineering is here to guide you. Our team excels in providing dynamic solutions for new developments, improvements, and complex challenges across various industries.