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Success Story

Spray System Development

Problem Statement:

Matrix Engineering Consultants developed a self-contained spray system attachment to complement a customer’s existing vibratory roller. The intent of this system is to suppress dust, compact aggregate, and prevent clumping when compacting hot mix asphalt.

Methodology and Analysis:

The first step to a successful program is obtaining the customers’ requirements. Matrix worked with the customer to capture all of these. The necessary components for the system were investigated to identify the optimal solutions, and then real-world testing was performed and documented to ensure requirements were met.

Once all the components were selected, designing the system commenced. One of the main requirements for the system was that current vibratory rollers were retrofittable with the new spray system. Minimizing the impact on the current machine was a top priority throughout the entire design process, from selecting where and how to mount the tanks and pump to how the system is controlled. The current vibratory roller frame structure was analyzed through FEA to verify it could support the spray system during normal operation.

Matrix collaborated with the suppliers of all the components to meet schedule and budget requirements.

Recommendations and Results:

Once all the parts were on hand, Matrix was at the manufacturing facility to support the prototype build, document, and resolve any potential issues. The first installation was successful, and on-machine testing validated that the system functioned properly. The spray bar system is currently in production, with multiple units operating in the field successfully.

Our extensive research, meticulous design process, and real-world testing have proven the effectiveness of our solution to meet the customer’s requirements. Take advantage of our product development expertise and elevate your company’s success. Whether your project needs are large or small, contact Matrix to see how we can guide you toward the finish line with confidence.

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