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Success Story

Water Well Rotary Head Gearbox Development

Problem Statement:

Matrix Engineering Consultants developed a rotary head gearbox under a stringent timeline for a client that required this specialized knowledge.

Methodology and Analysis:

The project entailed a detailed design of the complete rotary head, encompassing parallel shaft gears, bearing selection, and the lubrication strategy. Additional work was done to validate the gear design according to AGMA Standards. The validation process utilized KISSsoft® gear analysis software to understand the intricacies of gear design. Finite element analysis was conducted on the gearbox assembly using ANSYS® Workbench software to comprehend housing deflections and stresses in the welds.

Once the final design approvals were secured, Matrix managed the bill of material and procurement. They also supervised the final assembly to ensure everything was executed to perfection.

Recommendation and Results:

The project was successfully completed within the original timeline and budget. This success stands as a testament to the skills and experience of Matrix Engineering Consultants.
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